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  1. Δε ξερω αν ισχυει, αλλα δε θα μου εκανε καμμια εκπληξη. Εδω ο Τσιπρας το επαιζε επαναστατης κι εστελνε τα παιδια του σε ιδιωτικο σχολειο, θα κολλησει ο Μητσοτακης σε τετοια? Ελληνες πολιτικοι...
  2. Ωραιο βιντεο και παλι φιλε. Ευτυχως δε μπορουμε να μυρισουμε τις μυρωδιες που αναφερεις Ειναι αποριας αξιο γιατι καποτε εκτισαν τοσο μεγαλα εργοστασια τοσο κοντα σε πολεις και κατοκημενες περιοχες. Οσο για το πως ζει και δουλευει κοσμος εκει ειναι απλο. Ο κοσμος συνηθιζει τις μυρωδιες με τον καιρο. Για καποιον επισκεπτη ομως που περναει απο εκει πρωτη φορα δεν ειναι το ιδιο. Το παραξενο ειναι γιατι δεν κινητοποιουνται οι ανθρωποι της περιοχης για να κλεισουν ή να μεταφερθουν αυτα τα εργοστασια αλλου. Δε θα ειναι ευκολο να γινει κατι τετοιο βεβαια κι ισως παρει χρονια για να το καταφερυον (αν το καταφερουν ποτε...), αλλα θα πρεπει καποτε να ξεκνησουν κινητοποιησεις αν θελουν να βελτιωσουν την ποιοτητα ζωης τη δικη τους και των παιδιων τους.
  3. I think my translation still stands.
  4. Εξαιρετικο βιντεο φιλε. Εσυ το εφτιαξες? Πολυ καλη δουλεια.
  5. It's hard to translate out of context, without knowing what the rest of the text says before and after this line, but I would translate this as follows: "For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day. Then there remains a rest to the people of God (Sabbath)."
  6. Hi Vincent, good luck with your move. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time in Greece. Where will you be staying? Athens or somewhere else? In regards to your question about companies who can help you with clearing your container, I don't know of any but if you do a Google search there are a few that come up: https://www.google.com/search?q=clearance+of+our+container+in+Piraeus&oq=clearance+of+our+container+in+Piraeus You'll have to contact a few and also do your research to determine which one will the best option for you. Good luck!
  7. Sorry, I'm not a linguistics expert and I only have a basic understanding of ancient Greek grammar. Not sure why Josephus used it that way in his text. It may be dative.
  8. I'd probably translate this (in this context...) as "Conopius' opinion to Caesar"
  9. I have no idea. It's not a Greek word. I think I found the excerpt of the story you're taling about here: https://books.google.ca/books?id=MtMQBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA603&lpg=PA603&dq=μελεβετζίν&source=bl&ots=mCwWzBTnuu&sig=ACfU3U1NAnduortofKvgfHPaPaoZw3hxWg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiFlZS9ybPlAhV9GDQIHYLWCU0Q6AEwAHoECAAQAQ#v=onepage&q=μελεβετζίν&f=false I read the whole paragraph but I still can't tell what this word means. It's definitely not a Greek word, maybe it's Turkish or middle eastern in origin.
  10. Γεια σου φιλε μου, δοκιμασε εδω http://greekiptv.com/
  11. The original text seems to be saying that the Naasenes "have" the book (έχουσιν).
  12. Yes, I guess this could be translated as "this darkness is an eclipse"
  13. Too many questions Question 1: Alexander Roberts' and James Donaldson's translation seems fairly correct to me. I would translate this piece as follows (I'm not an expert in theology or ancient Greek translations...): τουτο το σκοτος εκλειψιν του ηλιου Θαλλος αποκαλει εν τριτη των ιστοριων, ως εμοι δοκει, αλογως In my opinion (ως εμοι δοκει), Thallus calls (Θαλλος αποκαλει) this darkness an eclipse of the sun (τουτο το σκοτος εκλειψιν του ηλιου), in the third book of Histories (εν τριτη των ιστοριων), without reason (αλογως). Question 2: I can't see the original Greek text, but "eklipontos" also means the deceased. Nonetheless, it would make sense to me that "Christian" writers would try to sensationalize any such event and make it sound as an event triggered by god, while "non-Christian" writers would just pass it as a natural event. Question 3: The Greek text in Josephus' Antiquities you provided sounds completely normal to me if one reads "allos" as "another" (or someone else). It doesn't sound normal if you read "allos" as "Hallos" or "Thallos" This doesn't make sense at all.


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