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  1. Πανεμορφο Πηλιο. Γραψε και για τις παραλιες ομως στην αλλη πλευρα που ειναι τρομερες.
  2. There are tons of amazing beaches in Sithonia Chalkidiki. I think Portokali beach is the best: portokali beach sithonia - Bing images But there are several other great beaches in the area. Lagonisi and Kalogria are great too.
  3. admin


    Gorgeous island. You're going to love it!
  4. I don't know many people of slavic background to have a rounded opinion (I just know a few with whom I play soccer with). There are some similarities (mostly because all Balkan Slavs lived a similar lifestyle as the Greeks during the time they were under the Ottoman rule). Most of the similarities seem to stop there though.
  5. The name of the Egyptian city is not Thebes, it's Waset. Thebes is a Greek name. I don't know why the Egyptian city was later renamed to Thebes, it's possible that people from Thebes (Greece) moved there during the Ptolemies' rule and renamed the city, or it could be that the Ptolemies themselves renamed Waset as they did with many other Egyptian cities during their rule. Encyclopaedia Brittanica does indeed mention that the original name of the city during ancient times was Wase or Nowe, but doesn't give an explanation as to why and when it was renamed to Thebes (as we know it today): https://www.britannica.com/place/Thebes-ancient-Egypt So in that respect, even though Waset is clearly much much older than the Greek city of Thebes, the Greek (or Phoenician?) name/term Thebes is older and it's clearly Greek in origin (or Phoenician?), not Egyptian. I found this (in Greek) which is explaining a bit more about the history of Cadmus and the Thebans (not sure about the validity of these arguments): http://www.krassanakis.gr/thebes.htm Wikipedia's entry on Cadmus says what I mentioned earlier, that he was possible of Semitic/Phoenician background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadmus
  6. I've read a different story about Kadmos and Thebes. That they were possibly of Levantine or Phoenician origin, not Egyptian.
  7. Can you provide some references from valid sources about this? I've never heard of this before.
  8. Ha ha, yes I read this article a few days ago. I don't think there's a good chance that anyone living in the area we now call Greece in those days would be black. Of course Zeus and Achilles are mythological characters so this is a mute point
  9. #2 should be an excellent reason to start using the forum again to vent your frustration Would make for some entertaining discussions.
  10. I can only think of 2 controversial topics: religion and politics. Ok 3, sports too
  11. Looks like all the regulars who used to post here often are mostly gone (I haven't seen eyoismos in here in ages!). Dino is managing and only posting on our Facebook since a couple of years ago (he has no time for both Facebook and forum). Not sure where the rest of the regulars are. Some are still reading all the new posts but are not participating, while most of the Greeks who visit this forum regularly are only interested in music and don't bother posting anywhere else. This is too bad as we've had some fun discussions over the years Happy new year!
  12. admin


    It's a difficult, and long drive, from Athens to Lefkada. This is why many tourists avoid it. Beautiful island though. Now that the new highway is completed (from Athens to Ioannina through the Rio bridge) it's hopefully going to attract more visitors.
  13. admin


    I've been to Lefkada several times. No connection to it, we just like the island. We stayed in the Nikiana area, at a hotel called "Ionian Blue". It's supposedly a 5-star hotel, but it's not really up to the North American standards. The price was decent (I think we paid around 180 Euros/night for half-board) and the views were amazing.
  14. Is there widespread panic in the whole area around Houston due to flooding, people moving around etc. or is it business as usual where you are?
  15. Did you have to leave your home? What's the situation in your area?


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