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  1. Cartergeo this is not the best place on the web to spread propaganda, hate and ignorance
  2. Dino

    Hello :)

    welcome to hellenism.net Καριν!
  3. Dino

    Hello :)

    Hi ladies and gentlemen! Hope everyone is well, miss this place and maybe I will start spending more time here again. Also miss my friend Eyo, wish he would post to let us know he is OK!
  4. Great fun video, need to add Χαλκιδικη to 1 of my many places in Greece I need to visit
  5. A few comments: This is from June 1994, Albania at the time was just escaping communism, and Albanians were leaving the country in mass. The region was full of challenges. The Greek Reporter that I do follow, has good stuff, and lots of nationalistic material, they love to inflame the flames, to get traffic to their site. I share their quality stuff on our FB page once in a while, but get disappointed when they post crap. Albania like many of the Balkan countries has not treated their minorities in the best way, they are insecure as a nation, but if they want to join the EU, they need to mature.
  6. I know Eyo was old, not sure how old, hope all is OK!
  7. Hey old friend, you are missing in action, this place has been quite for the last 2-3 years, so I understand if you are taking a long break, just say hi, so we know you are OK old man
  8. Dino

    Hello :)

    too funny! Obviously Palikari is not a Greek music fan, lol
  9. exactly, the other big stupid thing is who is in power and doing this, the message it is sending to the world is horrendous
  10. Seriously, I get compassion, I get forgiving someone, but this guy and his organization killed, and did great harm to the Greek state. He deserves his multiple life sentences and I have no idea why there is a need to give him a vacation from jail, especially when he is at a pretty nice one at the moment. This shit pisses me off!
  11. http://www.ekathimerini.com/232071/article/ekathimerini/news/n17-hitman-granted-leave-for-fourth-time


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