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  1. This is just stupid and another lost opportunity for Greece
  2. http://greece.greekreporter.com/2018/06/15/greek-islands-face-another-summer-without-full-hydroplane-links/
  3. interesting stuff, I suspect as science improves and more discoveries are made, eventually we may have a better picture or we may simply debate the topic for ions
  4. Happy New Year! Not declaring I am back, but a few things kept me away. 1) I had a bad job second half of 2015, got a new job that turned out to be for a terrible company, Oct of 2017 landed a good job at a mostly good company, but busy at work 2) We Americans elected a racist, sexist, corrupt, idiot... for president, it has diverted my attention a bit 3) More life stuff, a couple of extended hospital visits by mother, new puppy, kid sports, oldest kid going to college, wife getting a job, so more for me to do at home, ...
  5. World of Kemp great blog!!!
  6. When I last visited, I read Ajax last post here and I thought, wow he might have turned a leaf. But then you visit the other election thread and you realize it is the old Ajax
  7. This American, that has voted at every election since 1992, is completely disappointed and embarrassed at what happened. This by far is the worst election in recent US history. His is a racist, sexual predator, a complete embarrassment!
  8. Honest? Are you kidding me? NEVER have I seen a politician lie so much, never. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/lists/people/comparing-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-truth-o-met/ He was the worst politician out of the 15 running from the Republican side, and there were some horrendous candidates as well as some good ones.
  9. Here’s why the people of Greece deserve to be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize http://hellenicleaders.com/blog/heres-people-greece-deserve-nominated-nobel-peace-prize/#.VqvZSPkrLIU
  10. Beauty naturally is part of it. the next elements in order for me are: 1. Heart, integrity, character 2. Personality 3. inteligence
  11. Simply put there are too many Islands, Greece simply can not build a fence in as it did on its land border. The crap i read so far from Patrick and Ajax blow my mind. Patrick you are a hateful ignorant idiot, and for those on this site that have known me for 8+ years, know that I do not easily throw insults. But dude you are a cancer to this site. Ajax I do not know how someone as well educated and travelled like you can be as hateful and ignorant. And at times I am not sure if you believe some of the crap you say. in th 7-8 pages of crap I read, one or both of you suggested that Greece should try to protect its balkan borders and keep the refugees in Greece, the country in dire economical trouble that has for the most part been left alone to deal with the problem, and they should lock them in Greece, are you both on drugs? And if you think the few Euros and boats are help that the EU sent is anything to brag about, you have to be on drugs. Patrick get used to the refugees, because more are coming to Western Europe the price for sitting on your hands in a wealthy nation, while all the shit was hitting the fan in Syria. And as long as Assad and ISIS exists, they will come. I have been laughing here in the states as so idiot EU nations have been throwing away money to Turkey.
  12. So called "refugees", wholly cow, how ignorant are you seriously. With Assad, ISIS Al Nusra, ... so called refugees, how dense is your head. Oh wait you seen some healthy syrian males, you understand that there are no good options there beside the Kurds, because both Assad and ISIS have targeted the moderates, even the Russians have mostly focused on the moderates, to give the world 2 choices , their puppet Assad or the terrorists. I briefly took a look at the thread you started
  13. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-34131911 If a map is not enough, the most telling is the migrant deaths graph by route. And this why I find most criticisms of Greece about this crisis just incorrect.
  14. Friend of Greece, you are right, clean energy is another great option for Greece, especially with ann the sun Greece gets, and all the wind in the Aegean sea. Software is an easy export, you can create it anywhere in the world and just ship it using the web to anyplace in seconds. In the last large corporation I worked for, most Greek-Americans worked in the IT department, the talent exists here and in Greece. I also wish that rich Greek-Americans would step up, but more so rich Greeks, the best way to help would be creating jobs. Unfortunately, I did not come from money, so I am stuck in the rat race, still paying my student loans 18 years after graduation, mortgage, ... you get the idea. I wish I could go back and create some jobs. The other thing missing is reform in Greece to make it really easy to start a new businesses. Some reform has started but not enough!


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