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Wrongly Convicted - The Many Tales Of A Failing Judicial System

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We used to have a topic like this one in the old forum so I'd like to restart it here.


As painful as it is to read stories like this one below, it's also critical for everyone to see that many innocent people are filling the jails of every country.

In some case it's just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, in some others it's just a testament of how rotten our judicial systems really are.


Ricky Jackson, Wiley Bridgeman absolved of Cleveland killing after 40 years
Key witness recants testimony given as a child, saying he was coerced by detectives






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This is why I have problems with the death penalty, too many innocents get convicted, after all the juries, lawyers and judges are all human, and we make mistakes all the time, and sometimes the system is just corrupt.

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Exactly, completely agree.


Technology has gone a long way of course and we can now conclusively point to the right person if there's DNA evidence. However, many convictions are made based on eyewitness accounts which is utter nonsense. It's proven over and over again that eyewitnesses are not to be trusted. Not only because in many cases (as in the case I shared above) the system manipulates them to provide a testimony which goes along with the assumptions made by the police, but also because it's scientifically proven that most human beings are notoriously bad eyewitnesses - http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-the-eyes-have-it/

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