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    just dropping in to say Hi!!
    hope everyone is well...where is everyone?  Admin? Eyo? Dino? helloooo
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    Dino reacted to admin in Ιατρική ερώτηση   
    Φιλε μου μαλλον δεν ειμαστε το καταλληλο φορουμ για τετοιου ειδους ερωτησεις. Θα σε συμβουλευα να μη ψαχνεις απαντησεις σε αυτα τα ερωτηματα σε φορουμ γενικως. Καλυτερα να πας να δεις 1-2 διαφορετικους γιατρους για να εχεις 2-3 αποψεις απο ειδικους.
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    Dino reacted to admin in Should the children of migrants go to Greek schools?   
    One cannot punish the children for the stupid actions of adults. These kids need to have an education. Period. Some of them - mostly the younger one - could go to regular Greek schools. Children absorb information and learn new languages easily when they're young. For the older ones they should setup special schools and depending on their situation either teach them Greek or bring teachers speaking their language to teach them in their own language.
    I understand the possible differences in culture, but where did you get the "thefts and violence" thing? Why would children steal or be violent? As far as illnesses go. If someone is ill they should be taken to the hospital. 
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    Dino reacted to admin in Greeks Protest Over Neighbor’s Use of the Name Macedonia   
    "Macedonia" is a complex region. What we Greeks call "Macedonia" today - the Greek portion of ancient Macedonia - has been under Ottoman rules for centuries and until it was ceded to Greece after the Balkan Wars and WWI (100 years ago!).
    People who live in Greek Macedonia today (and identify themselves as Greeks) have most likely very little to do with the ancient Macedonians of Alexander the Great's time (who did indeed speak Greek and identified themselves as Greek too).
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    Dino reacted to admin in Greeks Protest Over Neighbor’s Use of the Name Macedonia   
    In a different topic we talked about starting controversial discussions so that we'll kick start some interesting conversations again in the general discussion forum. I don't think there's a more heated topic these days in Greece than this one.
    Yet, as you can see, no interest by anyone to debate argue about any of this . All our fellow Greeks are happily downloading or uploading music clips in a different forum. This is much more important to them than thinking and arguing about serious matters. 
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    Dino reacted to admin in Basile and Greek comedians   
    I've interviewed Tsarouchas for Hellenism.Net several years ago. Super nice guy.
    Here's the interview: http://www.hellenism.net/greece/famous-greeks/interviews/
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    Dino reacted to admin in America just got greater.   
    It's very short sighted to look at things just from your personal interest perspective.
    I guess Trump may (or may not) be good news for Syria. We'll have to see if he will change something in the way the US is dealing with this situation. However, what's certain is that his ascent to power will affect how you and your family live your lives within the US. You are an immigrant yourself, and if I remember correctly your wife is an immigrant too (she's Hispanic, isn't she?).
    Don't you think that this may be a problem in a country which voted for a president someone who sees all immigrants, and especially the latinos, as a problem?
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    Dino reacted to admin in solving the refugee crisis   
    As a society we are responsible for all human beings in need. I'm not going to go as far as saying that we're obliged to offer them halal meals and build them mosques, but we should be trying to help them any way we can and at least fulfil basic needs such as food and water, and a safe place to stay.
    These people didn't choose to be born and raised in crazy countries, run by unreasonable nutcases. It was just the luck of the draw. They're making a conscious effort to get out of there and live a normal life. The least we can do is offer them the basic things they need to survive and help them rebuild their lives.
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    Dino reacted to admin in solving the refugee crisis   
    This is an awfully cold hearted comment, by someone who's himself an immigrant.


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