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Lack of fuel leaves Greek military helpless

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The Soviet Union failed partially because it just couldn't keep up with the American military spending.


I have brought up the Greek military spending in other posts just for this reason.

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And whom is the Greek military supposed to fight?


The NATO enemy Russia?


Or our NATO partner Turkey?


If that's the one you think about it: Forget it.

The Turks can blow us away anytime they want in less then 72 hours.


In case you havent noticed there are less than 30.000 males fit for service reaching millitary age in Greece every year. In Turkey the number is 650.000. And lets not forget that the Turkish millitary outclasses the Greek forces in any every respect. Be it in Hardware, Training, Tactics or combat experience. And the Turks have a defense industrie that will make them self sufficient in armaments within the next 10 years.


So really. What the hell does Greece need armed forces for? The country's ethnic makeup will cease to be Greek in about two decades. Thats already a demographic certainity. So what the hell is the point?

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Guest daman

maybe if they all ate a lot of humus they could use natural gas to get where they need to go  :lol:

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