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    In a different topic we talked about starting controversial discussions so that we'll kick start some interesting conversations again in the general discussion forum. I don't think there's a more heated topic these days in Greece than this one. Yet, as you can see, no interest by anyone to debate argue about any of this . All our fellow Greeks are happily downloading or uploading music clips in a different forum. This is much more important to them than thinking and arguing about serious matters.
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    One cannot punish the children for the stupid actions of adults. These kids need to have an education. Period. Some of them - mostly the younger one - could go to regular Greek schools. Children absorb information and learn new languages easily when they're young. For the older ones they should setup special schools and depending on their situation either teach them Greek or bring teachers speaking their language to teach them in their own language. I understand the possible differences in culture, but where did you get the "thefts and violence" thing? Why would children steal or be violent? As far as illnesses go. If someone is ill they should be taken to the hospital.
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