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Guest PatrickT

EU-Turkey refugee Deal already dead - EU introduces Plan B

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Guest PatrickT

As i predicted, Erdogan overplayed. bye bye visa free travel for turks. 


The Eu already creates plan B. The greek islands boardering turkey will be sealed off and all ferry traffic will be cut off completly. That way refugees are trapped there. The ones who arrive will be send into detention camps and brought back to their origin country. 

The message that its hopeless will have the same effect for them as the deal with turkey. 

The promised payment to turkey will also be stopped and send to greece. 

Thats exactly what the conservative parties in germany, spain, hungary, romania, france, italy and poland wanted.

This is super exciting news and the news i and so many others have waited for. The "pro turkey" fraction in Europe is basicly on its last hole.

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Guest eyoismos

όπως πρόβλεψες είπες ;;;;;




και εγώ ακόμα θυμάμαι που κοκκορευόσουν πως θα στείλει η γερμανία με στρατιωτικά μεταφορικά όσους απορίπταν οι αρχές στους πίσω στην τουρκία και μονο  χειροκροτούσες την συμφωνία με τους τούρκους  .... μόνο πίπες δεν δείνατε στην γερμανία

βέβαια  μερικά δις τα δείνατε στην τουρκία ..... όμως στην ελλάδα τα δανείζατε  .... και ας προειδοποιούσα συνέχεια και επανειλημμένα τι σημαίνει νταραβέρια με την τουρκία ....


αλλά όπως λέμε στην ελλάδα ... στου κουφού την πόρτα όσο θέλεις βροντα


άσε το άκρον άωτον της μαλακίας που συνέχεια προσπαθούσες να μας σερβίρεις  ...σα ... παραδείγματος χάρη ...


Erdogan is as crazy as his advisors. What i try to make you realize is, that germany protects greece against such idiots


και ύστερα αναρωτιέται κανείς γιατί τον έβγαλα γελοίο μουνόπανο

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Guest PatrickT
Great news, EU finally kicks Erdogans ass...in a very classy way.


Turkey blackmailed EU today when one of Erdogans advisors wrote on twitter:


"EU should make the right decission of we send refugees".


The EU made the right decission. :)


EU parliament president Schulz today announced that it is totally out of any debate that turkey will get VISA freedom if it doesn´t fullfill all points 100%. Including the terrorism point that Erdogan said he will never change. 



Schulz said because of this he did not transmit the proposal to the senate today and because of this the deadline won´t be reached. 


And now comes the best part:


Schulz said he doesn´t want lecture Erdogan about the turkish consitution, but his office as president is sole representative and his words are meaningless since he has no legislative powers. 


Erdogan yesterday already tried to backpedal as he noticed that his idiotic rants did gargantuan damage. He said he doesn´t expect visa freedom until octobre now and apologied for his words...claiming they were said in anger.



german interior minister De Maizier said today he doubts the turkey deal has a future and its time to skip to Plan B. Isolating the 5 greek islands in question and allow no traffic from there to land with ferries and give the money planned for turkey to greece.


In the last days the effect is already visible. Refugees on Chios and Lesbos are so desperate, that they skip back to turkey. Some even tried to swim the 15km back to turkey. 



I cant stop laughing. Few days ago some pompous turks like Sinan claimed here their visa free travel to EU is already certain. They believed EU needs turkey and will do evrything. Their funny little Sultan overplayed his cards...


He could have been the turkish leader who gets the visa freedom...but he broke it out of his idiotic behavior. Not just that, he lost his only card. The situation has turned. Those refugees dont want go greece anymore since the route is blocked and reverse to turkey. :D


The EU was able to bring that refugee situation into a full reverse thrust scenario.

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