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Guest eyoismos

the weird whacky flabbergastiing world of betting odds

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Guest eyoismos
10 things bookies thought more likely than Leicester winning the Premier League

Leicester City were 5,000/1 to win the Premier League last August.

Fast forward eight months and the Foxes are top of the league and one win away from the title with three games to go.

According to bookies William Hill, it was as likely for Scott Mills to win an Oscar for best actor or supporting actor as Leicester City lifting the trophy at the end of the 2015/16 season.

But there were some stranger things that were more likely to happen.


Prime Minister Simon Cowell - 500/1

Simon Cowell and Prince Charles sharing a joke was more likely to become the norm than Leicester winning the Premier League back in August.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes had the X Factor judge down as 500/1 to become prime minister - that's 10 times more likely than the Foxes topping the table.

Piers Morgan as Arsenal manager - 2,500/1

He may have got a new job on ITV's Good Morning Britain, but last August the odds of Piers Morgan moving into a career in football were higher than Leicester City winning the Premier League.

In August, bookmakers had the TV presenter's odds on becoming the next Arsenal manager at 2,500/1.

Sir Alex Ferguson to win Strictly Come Dancing - 1,000/1

Jazz hands at the ready!

Back in August 2015, Ladbrokes had Sir Alex Ferguson down at 1,000/1 odds to win Strictly Come Dancing.

The Queen for Christmas number one - 1,000/1

The Queen may be 90, but it might not be too late to have a Christmas number one.

Her Majesty was five times more likely - with odds of 1,000/1 - to top the chart than Leicester City topping the table.

Loch Ness monster to be discovered - 500/1

Many people believed this picture proved that the Loch Ness monster existed and last year Paddy Power had odds on its discovery at 500/1.

Experts did find something this year in the famous loch but it turned out to be a model of the Loch Ness Monster built in 1969 for a Sherlock Holmes film.

Triplets for Kate and William - 1,000/1

Princess Charlotte may just be approaching her first birthday but the odds from Paddy Power for Kate and William to have triplets were 1,000/1 last August.

That's five times more likely than Leicester City winning the Premier League.

We're not sure what Kate would have to say about that.

Dean Gaffney to win a best actor Oscar - 1,000/1

Dean Gaffney may have left EastEnders in 2003, but that didn't stop Paddy Power putting the actor down at 1,000/1 to win an Oscar.

With no notable film roles coming up, Dean better get a move on!

Kim Kardashian for US president - 2,000/1

Her husband may have already put his name in the hat as a contender for US president in 2020 but bookies reckon Kim could also go for the job.

Paddy Power has odds on that at 2,000/1.

Is Elvis alive? - 2,000/1

Bookmakers thought it was more likely that Elvis, who died in 1977, was found alive and well in 2016 than Leicester City winning the Premier League.

Paddy Power had the King's resurrection down at 2,000/1.

And... is there still time for Grimmy to become an Olympian?

Bookmakers William Hill had Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw as the same odds - 5,000/1 - to win an Olympic gold in Rio as Leicester City winning the Premier League.

With just over three months to go until the Olympics, Grimmy might want to start training.



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Guest eyoismos

tell me about it


i mean .... i have been a Man U supporter since i was knee high to a grasshopper, but this weekend, since they dont have any chances whatsover to win the title, when then play against Leicester, i am rooting for Leicester ... next year ...another matter altogether ...back to the red devils for sure


must be my bred in notion of supporting the underdog when they have a chance to succeed


now imagine if somebody actually placed a bet at the beginning of the season with those odds...

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Guest eyoismos

just found this ...



Hollywood actor Tom Hanks says he put £100 on Leicester City to win the Premier League at the start of the season, but does not really want to talk about his own team - relegated Aston Villa.


wow ... thats like half a mil if Leicester make it ...

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Guest eyoismos

OMG !!!!!


They fucking did it !!!!


Leicester have won the championship


unbelievable !!!!!!

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Guest eyoismos

όπως πάντα όλο και κάποιο μαλακισμένο θα αμωλήσει τις μεγαμαλακίες του

Ο Ρανιέρι μάς προκαλεί και απο πανω : Βγαινει σε συνεντευξεις του στην Αγγλια και μάς ειρωνεύεται λέγοντας οτι ειναι "ο ιδιος που απολύθηκε στην Ελλάδα" κλπ . Ξεχασε , φυσικα, ο Ρανιέρι να θυμίσει οτι ειναι ο ίδιος που μαγκωσε ενα κάρο λεφτα απο την ΕΠΟ σε μια χωρα χρεωκοπημενη , ήρθε εδω με υφος 1000 καρδιναλίων , πηρε την Εθνικη Ελλάδος από το κατωφλι των "8" του Μουντιαλ που ειχε παει με τον εξαιρετικό Σάντος και καταφερε να την ΞΕΧΑΡΒΑΛΩΣΕΙ τελειως , εχασε απο ΟΛΟΥΣ , διεσύρθη ακομη και τους....ψαράδες μπακαλιάρων των Φερόε μέσα στο Καραϊσκακη, διελυσε την διεθνη εικονα της Εθνικης, τα πηρε αδρά και την κοπανησε. Ο Σαντος οδηγησε την Πορτογαλία στο EURO, αλλα εμεις θα δουμε - λόγω Ρανιερι- τα παντα απο τον καναπε..Οσο για το Αγγλικο πρωταθλημα , ο Ρανιέρι πήρε "πρωταθλημα" με 100% νεκρες τις Σιτι, Λιβερπουλ, Αρσεναλ, Γουνάϊτεντ,Τσελσι οκ. Η ασχημη πορεια τους στην Ευρωπη επιβεβαιωσε τα χάλια τους...Σε ενα τετοιο "πεθαμενο" Αγγλικο πρωταθλημα φετος , μεχρι και ενας Ρανιερι θα μπορουσε να διακριθει, Ας απαντησει ομως καποιος επισημος στον Ρανιερι ,αφου η ΕΠΟ και οι τοτε ιθυνοντες εχουν κρυφτει και λούφαξαν . Ο Κοντονης ας πει επιτελους δύο κουβεντες για τα ρεζιλικια της Εθνικης επι Ρανιέρι , ας μην κανει μονο μονο μαγκιές στο εσωτερικό ο υφυπουργός Αθλητισμου...

Κωστής Αϊβαλιώτης, πρώην βουλευτής

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Guest eyoismos

και να σκεφτεί κανείς οτι τον είχαμε και τον πετάξαμε το ρανιέρι .... επειδή οι ποδοσφαιριστές μας είχαν τα καπρίτσια τους και ακόμα χειρότεροι οι μασκαράδες της επο


βέεεεεβαια ... ο ρανιέρι φταίει που χάσαμε απο τους μπακαλαοψαράδες μέσα στο καραϊσκάκη

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Το οτι πηγε καλα στην Λεστερ δε σημαινει απαραιτητα οτι δεν εκανε λαθη και δεν ηταν υπεθυνος (ή συνυπευθυνος) για τα χαλια μας οταν ηταν προπονητης της Ελλαδας.

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Guest eyoismos

He reflected in a 2015 interview with the Leicester Mercury:

I made a mistake when I was manager of Greece. I wanted to look because it is a different job at a club to a national team. I had four matches and for each game I trained the players for just three days. That is 12 days of training. What can I do in just 12 days? I had to rebuild a national team in just 12 days. What could I do? I am not a magician.


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