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Seems to me that Syriza believe that they can win re-election in September with an outright majority (and thus govern without relying to working with other parties). I think that they're banking at the irrational belief that Tsipras remains popular even though he messed up with the negotiations and finally imposed more austerity measures to the Greek people.


Since we're talking about Greece and Greeks, I wouldn't be surprised if this proves to be true. We've proven time and again that we're stupid by electing all the wrong people to represent us (even though, truth be told, the options are limited if not non-existent...).


Since there are no opinion polls posted since early summer (when Tsipras was indeed extremely popular) I won't make a prediction hoping that people have in the meantime seen Tsipras' populist facade and won't elect him again (especially with an outright majority). However, seeing that the competition is lame to say the least I'm very concerned that Tsipras may eventually win this election too. It just remains to be seen whether he'll win the majority or not.


Here's a decent analysis of the September 2015 Greek elections in Bloomberg:


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There are no alternatives as it is right now. The latest poll I saw is showing that Syriza is at 23% and New Democracy is at 18%. Everybody else is in single digits and over 50% say they haven't decided yet. Some analysts are now talking about the possibility of Syriza (left wing) and New Democracy (right wing) forming a government together as none of the 2 will be able to win a majority. This will be interesting to see.


As it is right now I'd rather see a government including several political parties. Maybe things can improve if everyone works together at this point. 

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