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Guest PatrickT

Honest question - How will greece try to build up a better relationship with germany?

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Guest PatrickT

Seeing the current events and wonder how exactly our nations will try to live with each other in the future. When i read a today news article about greeks who say germany was always the enemy of greece and never a friend. I wonder how exactly will that change at all and if so, how? 


And that goes to both sides. I´m aware that our media and politicians made bad comments as well. But this entire thing reached a state where it gets dirty. The feeling is that not just the greek government is retarded but its pushed over all the greek people. On the other side the greeks do the same and demonize us as people. That goes so low, that greek minister Kammemnos even says he will send terrorists to Berlin. In older days that could be counted as a decleration of war. Varoufakis called our people Terrorists. All this made things more complicated. 


I wonder if there will be found some common ground in the future. 


There was an interesting documentation in TV few days ago about our history. It was about our german empire that spanned down into italy. We had a direct boarder with the byzanthinian empire. Our emperor Otto the great wanted better relations with the byzanthinian empire and arranged a marriage with an byzanthinian princess with his son Otto II. Otto II married the byzanthian princess Theophanu. When he became emperor, Theophanu became the empress of the german empire. He became a very influential empress in the german empire.


Theophanu is still honored today and burried in cologne:




You see relations were not always bad...een some greeks my see us as enemies. I don´t know if there is anything positive about us teached in greece at all?


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Guest PatrickT

what makes you think Greece wants a better relationship with Germany?


Does it matter what greece wants? I think we reached the point where greece demands are not relevant anymore. 

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