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Guest PatrickT

Germany exports more than ever before

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Guest PatrickT

The german exports reached an alltime record in march 2015. German corporations exported goods worth 107.5 billion € in that single month alone. Thats the highest amount ever meassured.


Imports in march meassured 84.5 billion €. That means a netto surplus worth 23 billion € just in one month. 


The gargantuan profits generated from germany make it possible that it is the only great industrial power that needs no debt. The german economy is so powerful, that its bonds have a negative interest rate. That means that people pay money so germany takes it. 


The positive numbers also mean much more income for german workers and employees. Finance Minister Schäuble announced that by start of 2016 he plans to end the cold progression, which means employee must pay much less taxes and have a higher income. 


Chancellor Merkels popularity numbers also reach astronomical hights, since her politics generate all this economic power.



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Guest eyoismos

big deal. everybody in europe , with no exemption, in some way have benefited from this crisis, allegedly due to greece


hell, i read the other day, that greece's exports increased by an explosive 20% in march, in comparison to the previous year


and yet the crisis firmly remains ...and it seriously affects the general masses.... businesses ? not so much

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