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After reading this interesting story I'm realizing that not much has changed in how we treat homeless and out luck (and out of work) people in the western world since at least the early 1900s.


It's really heartbreaking reading the stories of these people and the way they're treated by a system which seems to have been put in place to keep them out of the way of us ordinary people.



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Admin I find lots of ignorance by the average Joe about homelessness.


Yes there are those in life that want little to no responsibility, but than there are those with mental health or other health issues, that simply went homeless from the medical bills. There are those that escaped bad family situations. And there are many homeless people that got back on their feet and became very successful people.


Will try to read the article later tonight.

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A couple of good reads about poor people and homelessness is George Orwell's "Down and out in Paris and London" and also William Vollman's "Poor people". Both are good books if you have the time to read them  :)

The article I mentioned above rings many similarities to Orwell's work which was written 70-80 years ago. Things have not changed much since then.


There's a need for a radical change in this world so that more people will share the wealth. Things have definitely improved over the past couple of hundred years, and they keep improving, but we've still a long ways to go. I don't know if this change will happen in our lifetime but it's bound to happen ( I hope!).

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