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Guest eyoismos

I've just experienced a terrifying hour

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Guest eyoismos

i just had a police raid at my home 3 in the morning


and i havent a clue what it was all about


some 15 guys in uniform, from al l sorts of deprtments, ak47 the works, broke down my gate and i was shaking in fear not knowing what to expect or what to do


they tried to calm me down, requesting/demanding i open up and all i could think of is major robbery. they kept assuring me  i was safe.... its pitch black, new moon and i couldnt see a thing..... they showed ids and i just could fathom if they where genuine or not....nothing...absolutely not knowing hat to do and terrified that my wife would be raped and god knows what else was goig through my mind


i was petrified ...should i open? should i not? shaking like a leaf...... no search warrant no nothing


remember this is africa ..... AND i am the wrong color !!!!


to make the stort short ... the eventually broke down the gate and entered


then i saw the uniforms and those fears calmed down .... only to be replace with even bigger fears


what did i do? what do you guys want? what are you after?


no answer .... just reassurance that i am safe... we are the police ... and i must cooperate ... nothin to fear or worry about blah blah blah ...but still no answers




what the fuck do? or my wife do? no answers .....


and they turned the house upside down ...searched my car inside out...searched the maids quarters ...everywhere.... looked through my computers...examined files the works


the house looked like a bomb had been left off


and they they found nothing ...absolutely nothing ..but i must admit ..in retrospect they where very polite and reassuring and there was nothing to worry about ...etc etc etc


like could think at those moments logically .... i mean 3 in the morning and all that


they asked for my passport and my wife's passport, registration cards. driving licenses ...and confiscated them and that i must report to the immigration office to get explanation .... and left just as quietly .... me shaking like i had been guilty of some major offence and not knowing what that was ... i mean 15 + cops ?


even had the neighbors come around afterwards , who had heard all the commotion ...they had tried to call me on the phone ...but the cops would not allow me to answer ...but they didnt seem to have an issue when they called my wife instead... and let her answer her phone


i have calmed down now ... sort off .... and finally plucked up the courage to write about this awful experience and STILL left in the complete dark on what it was all about


talking with them ...  apparently they had the visits from the same cops earlier on ...and they got the impression they where specifically looking for me


the fact that they didnt bust me there and then ... implies that either they didnt find what they where looking for, if at all there was anything .... and they eventually did leave ... probably i am an innocent given a bumb rap and accused by somebody or someone unjustly or more like likely somebody thinks of me as the enemy and caused major problems for me for reasons unknown.


they reckon that since i wasnt arrested and left me alone... it was a good thing


but i am still trembling with the experience ..... AND i still have to report to immigration first thing in the morning with my wife etc etc etc


which only has me extremely worried .... what did i do? who has it in for me? who did i piss off? i mean in everyday life i am so under the radar, avoiding everything even remotely illegal its not even a joke


so everybody .... if i dont show up on this forum from now on ...you will all know why and what might have happened


there is not even a question of getting any sleep .... its gonna be the 3 most god awful hours of my life before i show up at immigration .... completely wasted


do i need a lawyer... the neighbors think not, as i was not arrested... but i would know when i get there and find out something,,,anything ...or maybe nothing at all


hope everybody keeps there fingers crossed and everything works out


me and my poor wife in the mean time ....... completely in the dark and fearing the worst and still trembling with the experience


welcome to africa






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What the hell happened? Are you serious???

Please keep us updated. This is scary stuff! Good luck tomorrow! 


If this is for real...yes, please keep us updated. My thoughts are with you and your wife...and please don't tell me this has anything to do with the fact that it's April 1st.

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Guest eyoismos

sorry to disappoint all those who might have thought its was an april fool joke


but i was serious....dead serious


just checking in to say .... still free and about ... but also still shaking from the experience and still havent a clue what it was all about


once i get my shit together a bit ... will ....you know the rest

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I was sure it was a April first joke, if it is not, sorry to hear about your troubles.
For everyone else, I sent him a private message telling him I was on to him, because Eyo has played a April first joke on us several times.


Keep us updated.

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