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Guest eyoismos

the beloved greek taxman

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Guest eyoismos

yup ... one of the favorite subjects of the eu, who consistently doesnt understand that most in greece are already furious about with its stupendous moronic and unjust application, leading to the endemic of epidemic proportions avoidance if not criminal opposition towards it...and all the spectrum inbetween


like we need the eu to tell us about it ppft !!!


and the prime example ..... being effectively punished for being married and with kids




source: http://www.oecd.org/ctp/tax-policy/taxing-wages-tax-burden-trends-latest-year.htm


must be because greeks have consistently been found by various so called international surveys that they have more sex that any other nation --- which probably explains why they consisently end up screwing one another in all walks of life


and i reckon, the greek government must have though .... untapped goldmine to be harvested


what next ? hook up wires to the "copulators" (apparently a national beloved with passion pastime) and the national electricity grid?



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Guest eyoismos

its called sarcasm and self criticism, and yes humor at ourselves and our shortcomings, sometimes the only "weapon" we are allowed to have


something that you as a German might not be able to comprehend, let alone understand

and we in the greek diaspora arent allowed diddly squat to have a say, via the power of the vote, at least a vote via representation - and that but an example

as opposed to most of the western countries that their respective diaspora do have a say. albeit a small one, but a say nevertheless


so your self derived witty response is a no show

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