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Donating To The Wrong People

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We're moving into our new house this week so we've been donating a lot of stuff over the past few days, from clothes and dishes and pans to big screen TVs, couches, fire pits, loungers etc.


The idea behind giving away most of our stuff for free was firstly because my wife's been picky and wants to go to the new house with as little as possible and then buy new pieces where needed, and also it was a good opportunity to declutter and get rid of old stuff we barely ever use anymore. In between some junk we gave away some pretty valuable stuff like older leather couches (still in excellent shape), older plasma big screen TVs, dishes and utensils etc.


When I posted those ads in Kijiji for people to pick up these stuff for free I was expecting to see people in need coming in to pick those stuff up. Single mothers, people out of work or out of luck needing to rebuild their lives etc.


Instead I saw people coming in driving brand new minivans or brand new trucks and SUVs picking up all this free stuff. At some point I was seriously thinking to put a stop to this and start being more selective on who I'd donate this stuff to, but then we're in a rush to move out of our house so there's no time for being picky. But seriously, in a couple of situations I was really ready to tell some of those people to fuck off and let people in real need come pick up these stuff. This has been a surreal experience. I wasn't expecting to see this. I though that it would be nice to give away these stuff for free to some people in need and at the end of the day we just made some comfortable asshols even more comfortable with our free stuff.


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Admin next time find a Charity that will take your stuff, I am assuming that in Canada you have similar charities to what we have here in the States. In the past I have used a veterans charity, salvation army and others to give furniture and other items away. But now days my donations of items (clothing, books, kid toys, bikes, ...) go to Goodwill, they have drop off locations where I fill up my car and drop off boxes and small furniture.


When you simply put out an ad, you can have re-sellers or simply people that want to recycle and/or save money show up. In their eyes they are saving their family money or keeping your stuff from ending up in the landfill.

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Problem with all these charities is that you ask them to come pick up this stuff and sometimes they never show up or they show up whenever they want. We're in a rush to get out of the house by tomorrow so I can't trust that these charities will be here on time to pick up all the stuff.


I'm also not very fond of Christian type charities like the Salvation Army, you know that  :)

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