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I'm not sure, but I think I saw:

Ελπιζω να...  but   νομιζω οτι....

Can we say  Ελπιζω οτι....  and νομιζω να....   I don't think we can use να or οτι indifferntly after any verbs. For example, I only saw μπορω with να.

So my question is how can we know if we have to use να or οτι after a verb.

I hope to be clear in my question.



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The terms "να" and "οτι" mean 2 different things, so in most cases they're used in different situations depending on what you want to say. However, as you noted in some cases they can be used interchangeably and mean similar things if used correctly grammatically.  The term "να" is usually used before a verb. In some cases you can use one or the other without really changing the meaning of the sentence.

Here are a couple of examples:

Ελπιζω οτι ο καιρος θα ειναι καλος αυριο (I hope/wish that the weather will be nice tomorrow)
Ελπιζω οτι θα εχει ηλιο αυριο (I hope/wish it will be sunny tomorrow - or literally in Greek "I hope that it will have sun tomorrow")

You can replace/interchange the 2 terms if you switch things around a bit in these sentences so that you can use a verb with the word "να".

Ελπιζω να ειναι καλος ο καιρος αυριο (I hope/wish that the weather will be nice tomorrow - or in this case literally in Greek "I hope the weather to be good tomorrow")
Ελπιζω να εχει ηλιο αυριο (I hope/wish it's going to be sunny tomorrow)

Both sentences will sound correct to a native Greek speaker.

Hope this helps!


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Yes, I think so. I can't think of any instances where this would be incorrect. Saying this,  I can't think of many sentences where we'd use "να" after "νομιζω" either.



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