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Guest PatrickT

Merkels position starts to crumble

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Guest eyoismos

did I make Kalergi up?

did I make up his Ideas?

did I make the recognition shown to him by the EU up?

So which part of that is a "Conspiracy Theory"


Does the demographic and political evolution of Europe not match Kalergi's Vision?

At best you could argue that the match is purely coincidental. And you would have a hard time to argue convincingly.


But here you are, never heard of Calergi, never read any of his books and yet you "KNOW" that it is all a conspiracy theory.


 you dont get it, do you


i didnt have a problem about his theory per say... and like i said ,interesting stuff ... but the "jewish angle"  shoved in at a convenient angle, not to mention the concept, again as i said, controlling human sexual lust,  just made me laugh.


 i mean ... consider the times he lived in,...ad where he lived... i can soooo see why he would :slip that one in"


human races have been shagging other races like for ever. they dont even need an excuse or encouragement. it often goes under the concept of "exotic" ... and that is just from the white man's point of view


and that bit about mixed races being more controllable and calmer, or whatever words they used ....fuuuuck! you should go to south africa , to the cape province , and meet the cape colored, as they are called, and who have been around since the first dutchman got off his boat, if not earlier ,,,, and you will see "calmer" in a different light


however this does not take away much of what he said as perhaps , shall we call it "valid" or being implemented or whatever


i simply question some of his motives and motivations and their validity ... and THAT IS ALL


otherwise ... pretty much clash of the classes ...viewed in a different light and from a modern perspective, and how the top echelons of power find ore and more ways to stay on top. something that has been going on for eons ...going back to the first ape that managed to stand upright and said to the rest of the apes ...fuck you all.... i can stand, and i will be boss

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Guest eyoismos

The Kalergi name sounds suspiciously Greek. Is this guy Greek? (Kalergis?)


apparently there is a link of the family name to the Byzantine empire



The Kalergi family roots can be traced back to Byzantine royalty via Venetian aristocracy

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