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Bible Text meaning

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I just wanna know the exact meaning of this Bible text.

Εἰ γρ ατος ησος κατέπαυσεν, οκ ν περ λλης λάλει μετ τατα μέρας.  ρα πολείπεται σαββατισμς τ λα το Θεο.

I would really appreciate if someone can interpret this to me with truthfulness. 

Does this mean "He spoke  about another rest" or He spoke of "not another rest"?  Thank you in advance!

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It's hard to translate out of context, without knowing what the rest of the text says before and after this line, but I would translate this as follows:

"For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day. Then there remains a rest to the people of God (Sabbath)."

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Thank you so much for taking time answering  my question.. I really appreciate it!  This is just so important to me.  So, below is the line before the first verse I shared.  Considering this, is your translation still applicable? If not, what is now the meaning of the verse I first sent you?  Is it the old and same Sabbath he have spoken or does it mean there is another day of rest he spoken of different from the original Sabbath?

Again, thank you so much!


ερηκεν γάρ που περ τς βδόμης οτως, Κα κατέπαυσεν  Θες ν τ μέρ τ βδόμ π πάντων τν ργων ατο. κα ν τούτ πάλιν, Ε εσελεύσονται ες τν κατάπαυσίν μου.  πε ον πολείπεται τινς εσελθεν ες ατήν, κα ο πρότερον εαγγελισθέντες, οκ εσλθον δι’ πείθειαν, πάλιν τιν ρίζει μέραν Σήμερον, ν Δαυδ λέγων μετ τοσοτον χρόνον, καθς προείρηται, Σήμερον, ἐὰν τς φωνς ατο κούσητε,    μ σκληρύνητε τς καρδίας μν.


Here is the line after the first verse I sent you, just in case it helps to understand the context..


 γρ εσελθν ες τν κατάπαυσιν ατο, κα ατς κατέπαυσεν π τν ργων ατοσπερ π τν δίων Θεός.

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