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If Greece never joined the EU, ...

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FACT:  The EU has strangled Greece and effectively conquered them.  suffocated them.  fucked them.


but now, let's say Greece never joined the EU:  would the EU somehow have conquered Greece anyway?


militarily, economically, or otherwise?  If so, for what reason?

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And how exactly did the EU "strangle" (and fucked...) Greece?

If anything, Greeks "fucked" themselves hard over the past 25-30 years, since they joined the EU. They collected millions and millions of Euros (and drachmas back in the day) in support from the EU and the Greeks (mostly the politicians and the ruling elite of course...) wasted/spent everything for personal gain.

Blaming the EU for this is simply moronic. Don't listen to Tsipras and his cronies. Nobody "fucked" Greece. Greece fucked herself, and by appointing people like Tsipras to represent us as our Prime Minister we continue fucking ourselves in perpetuity.

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No need to be so angry at someone's opinion.

It is not moronic at all.

In fact, it is the opinion of most native Greeks.  We need to look at it from their point of view.  Not the American point of view of "oh greeks are lazy, they have corrupt govt., etc"

Guess what, most govts are corrupt.  

As far as Tsipras, I dont listen to him.  I cant stand him.  Yes the Greek govt has its problems.  But there's no denying the outside influence.  Greece has enough problems without it.

Are u saying the EU has the best interests of Greece in their heart?  Everyone knows, they only have THEIR best interests at heart.

Back to the question, assume Greece never joined the EU.  Would the EU try to mess with Greece?



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Hey palikari, I'm not angry at you or your opinion :)

When you say that the EU has their own interests at heart, what do you mean? The EU is an economic and political union between a number of European countries (28 I think by now...). It doesn't have any specific self-interests. It promotes and protects the interests of its members. All members (Greece included) have a voice within the EU.

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