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Who are the most well known people in the world since ancient times?

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Pantheon is a project developed by the Macro Connections group at The MIT Media Lab that's collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data on historical cultural popularity and production. These scientists, designers and engineers are working collaboratively to quantify, analyze, measure and visualize global culture.


According to their findings, this is the list of the 10 most well known people in the world:


1. Aristotle

2. Plato

3. Jesus Christ

4. Socrates

5. Alexander the Great

6. Leonardo da Vinci

7. Confucius

8. Julius Caesar

9. Homer

10. Pythagoras




Notice that 6 out of the top 10 are Greeks.

And yes, the Beatles are not more popular than Jesus Christ. Aristotle and Plato are  :)

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Guest Apollo Papafrangou

Great to see so many Greeks make the list, but I agree, we need more contemporary Hellenes. I mean, no Yianni? No Telly Savalas? Not even Nia Vardalos? ...I'm kinding of course. ...Sort of. ;)

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