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Guest lasombra

I would require some assistance here...

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Guest lasombra


I am a newbie into this forum, I would like some assistance with a project I have in mind.

I am planning to launch an e-magazine about mathematics,its applications and the way of teaching it in order to make people not to afraid mathematics or feel disgusted towards it.
The plan is to issue it once a week and include biographies, riddles, games, teaching aspects, contests, questions and answers for students, information about applied mathematics and generally to offer an approachable way to all to sharpen their minds and come closer to the greatest creation of human mind.
Of course, I am lacking the funding so I was wondering if anyone could spread the word.The language used will be english so that it will be readable by a large audience and if it runs properly, then I will translate to greek and french initially(I am greek and I speak french too) and most probably to other languages too.
Thank you.
PS I have not still clarified if mathematics is singular or plural in english...Any ideas??? :)

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