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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. There's a book written by a jesuit priest called Manuel Briceño Jáuregui called "El genio literario griego" (The literary greek genius) in three volumes. Each of them has a dedication in greek that reads as follows: THI AGIWTATHI QEOTOKWI AEIPARQENWI MARIAI DOSIS D ODIGH TE FILH TE (z, 208) Searching on the internet I could translate most of the words. The books are dedicated to the most holy ever virgin mother of god, Mary, as a present of love. But I can't find what ODIGH means. I don't know if its misspelled; I searched a lot of dictionaries and lexicons and none of them had it. Can someone help me translating the word ODIGH or give me a hint of what word could be given the context? Thanks for your help
  2. Guest

    Greek Tattoo

    Hey guys! I need your help! I am gettiing tattooed next week and a part of my tattoo will be a GREEK quote/saying but I can't find one that I truely like because I DON'T SPEAK GREEK AT ALL! I would like to see if you guys have any ideas of some Greek Quotes/saying (in greek characters of course)!!! It could be about love, hope, faith, or even any kind of SMALL quotes, I just need inspiration and diffrent ideas so this way I can pick up one quote that fits the reason why i'm getting tattooed!! Thank you so much, have a nice day Nick xo


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