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Found 1 result

  1. Nihilism is a psychological position concerning nature. It is an idea(l), a group of ideas, a moral stance, a standard for measuring value(s)–it is an attitude, a genetic predisposition, producing multiple memes expressing an antipathy and a desire to negate natural hierarchies and the immutable past. Using psychosomatic contexts, we can define nihilism as dis-ease, unease; dissatisfaction with what is perceived, leading to the usual fight/flight mechanism. We have now, in this age, entered into a state of memetic warfare – one where the old hot-wars have cooled down to verbal exchanges, battling over hearts and minds; a feminine type of warfare, where words become solidified into code, losing their artistic qualities, or are detached from their role as symbolic description of the sensual world, and turned into vehicles of escape; a war sharpening words into blades, into surgical instruments to amputate, or grind into a uniform mixture what has been inherited. And to this we must respond, and adapt by first disarming the opposition with clear definitions that return words to their rightful place: noetic symbols of a sensually perceived phenomenon, and artistic devices bridging the gap between ideal and real. In this war of words, words are all that is left to us. Φ This war like no other is over the hearts and minds of humans. Its focus is human reality – it is political and spiritual, in the same sense that the Cold War introduced a new age of warfare. In this war words replace guns, and the pen is mightier than the sword. The manner in which each camp uses language, defines and exposes them as what they are – their intent, their principles, their ideals. We, as devout Pagans expose ourselves as realists and lovers of life and nature, and our usage of words reflects this fact. It is on our commitment to connecting the noumenon to the phenomenon, using the word, and not to detach it, so as to manipulate emotions, human frailty, eroticism, and naiveté. It is our "less is more" attitude which forces us to be brutally honest, driving away the feeble minded the coward and the charlatan where we present ourselves as what we are. It is on our severity, our principles where we find the power to endure, and to speak clearly, simply, and honestly, not wanting to obfuscate and construct false complexity so as to make the nonsensical feel sensible. It is our unyielding spirit that helps us endure the pains of perceiving world, as it is, and not as we wish it were, that lays down the cornerstone for our ideals. It is because we do not care to seduce, erotically, but challenge thymotically, that we draw to our midst only the strong and honorable, those who would sacrifice existence to dignity, and pleasure to pride. It is because we know life is hard, that we make ourselves harder, and do not succumb to the easy self-flattering call of the priestly miser, collecting and hoarding to endure what he cannot. It is because reality is independent of our hopes and desires, that we must sharpen our subjective limits, become warrior artists, to approach the objective real.


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