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Found 1 result

  1. Would you as a Native Greek or Greek-American (or any nationality) support the idea of the Megali Idea and conquer what was historically Ancient Greek land. For example retaking Constantinople and Western Turkey and reclaiming the rest of Cyprus. Would you also support the rebuilding of Greek infrastructure and Ancient Monuments, such as the the Colossus of Rhodes, Parthenon, and Statue of Zeus to instill a greater sense of nationality in Greece. My third question is whether or not you would support the reclaiming of our own history from the Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia, who shamelessly stole Alexander The Great as their own and built monuments to him and his father in their Skopje. As a Greek-American I'm fully behind these ideas and believe we should carry them out and restore Greece as a dominant world nation once we fix our economy, by leaving the European Union and bringing back the Greek Drachma. We were once the pinnacle of human civilization and our day will come again, I'm sure of it. However I doubt any of this can be carried out under our current corrupt government and I would suggest a revolution and model the constitution off of America which I believe is one of the best written governments to date. i'm curious if other Greeks agree with any of this and believe in it like I do. America got blessed with Donald Trump, it's time Greece had hers.


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