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  1. Brenda

    Hello :)

    Hi Jen: I still drop in from time to time and delete spam when I see it. Been very quiet here for a very long time.
  2. It's horrendous! One of the maps I saw showed another fire burning in Corinth area and it appeared to be near the main highway. I'll be on that highway on Aug. 4, heading down to Tripoli area. Makes me wonder if there will be a detour if it's that close to the road. We were there during the last huge fires...2008? 2007? Not sure. Ashes were coming through the windows of the house. The loss of lives is so very sad.
  3. I agree. Controversy is very good on a forum. The stuff Patrick was spewing was not. It was the reason I left the forum for quite a long time, and I'm pretty sure I was not the only one.
  4. LOL....track down Patrick? You must be kidding!
  5. I still check in every day and delete some spam. Just don't seem to have anything to talk about. Happy New Year!
  6. Yes, I agree. People from those countries often comment about how easy it is for them to learn Greek.
  7. Well...as a senior citizen, retaining vocabulary is more difficult than it would have been when I was younger. But conjugating verbs is what I find the most difficult. The only chance I get to actually use the language is during my annual 3-4 week visit to Greece, but I study it daily at home.
  8. Excellent, indeed. My studying and learning of this language will never be "finished" and I love to see little lessons like this. Thanks, Admin!
  9. What's the big deal about needing a passport? I use one every year when flying from Canada to Greece.
  10. Καλά Χριστούγεννα και ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος!
  11. Really? Nobody's posting anything? Or is something wrong with my computer?
  12. Did anyone else notice the position of the glasses in the German's lovely photo? Classy guy.
  13. and that may very well be the answer to your thread question, Admin.
  14. I have to agree with Admin's perspective on how things are in Greece right now. That's the way I saw it, too. The same as last year and the year before. In my village, of course, nothing changes. In the city there were more closed stores than last year, but there's a huge, brand new "toy" store that has opened between the city and my village. So, someone has hope for the future.
  15. Eyo and everyone else. It's really sad that a couple of obnoxious people have been allowed to pretty much shut down the forum.
  16. Brenda


    Just before my husband got sick we built a house in his village in the mountains. But it's an easy drive to Astros beach. I, too, remember very well the old road from Athens to Tripoli. On my first trip in 1977...when the airport was still in the city...it was a long, horrendous, late night drive through the mountains. It's so much better now.
  17. Brenda


    Yes, admin...close to Tripoli.
  18. Brenda


    Thank you, all. I DID have a great time. Just flew home last night and, as always, wished I could have stayed longer in my beloved Ellatha. Family is fine, weather was good, although more rain than I've ever experienced in August. Counting the days to go back...unfortunately, not until same time next year.
  19. Brenda


    I hope you can next year, Dino. No matter what, the country will still be there for you.
  20. Brenda


    Very beautiful. The colour of the water is simply breathtaking. On Friday night I'm flying out and I'll be in Greece for 3+ weeks. Can't wait to get there.
  21. I wish you all the best, Dino, in your search. Office politics can really be crappy.
  22. He's 23...God knows what he'll grow up to be. Patrick...you might want to check those IP addresses again.
  23. Exactly what I thought you'd say. Have you ever heard the term "a one trick pony"? So sorry to hear our forum makes you sick.
  24. A very interesting article, Admin. Thanks for sharing that. Patrick: I came here just now with the intention of asking the very same question that Eyo did. He beat me to the punch...and I see that you refuse to answer his question. Of course, you're not going to give me an honest answer either, but I will ask the question. "Why are you here?" I may be a little more polite than Eyo...but it's a fact, and not an insult, that you're a very ill-mannered youngster and I would say the same to any young man who came into my home spreading venom and talking about my people the way you do. You should be thanking Admin every day for allowing you to be here. If I were in an admin position, I'd be taking a democratic vote and you would be gone.


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