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  1. I would reply to your comment. But I ask: do you have anything else to offer? Ignorance and outrage and shaming aren't virtues. No wonder given you are an administrator clearly showing unhinged behavior- there is so little activity on this website.
  2. Dear Greek Americans, Our current political divide in the U.S. and it's roots in neo-Marxism and Critical Theory has been unleashed on the Greek people in order to pave the way for full cultural integration into the European Union hegemony. Neo-Marxism is stealthy and seductive offering Greek youth - in particular - new identities connected with hedonism (LGBT), universalism (open borders, social justice) or militancy (violent anarchism) that has also ravaged the United States for the past few years.. Just like in the U.S. this orchestrated cultural-moral "woke" movement is attracting a large following of disenfranchised people determined to destroy all traditional institutions and replace them with a form of global denizen. As in the United States, this neo-Marxist movement seeks to replace traditional identities with a new one - integrating it with the ruling Party apparatus and the hyper-partisan liberal left. Marxists in Greece are using this counter-cultural movement as well. - to build its own form of para-militia. I have met many Greek youth, and it is clear to me that Greece will lose its culture, and hence will culturally integrate into the European Union within a generation. If you want to save Greece, we need to act now. Contact me if you want to help, give me your back ground. The goal is to begin making regular trips to Greece and organizing a real cultural Greek resistance to the subjugation of the Greek people by the emerging European Empire. Especially important are Greeks with professional and academic backgrounds.


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