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  1. never knew this. Why Mykonos? Did part of the movie take place there?
  2. No need to be so angry at someone's opinion. It is not moronic at all. In fact, it is the opinion of most native Greeks. We need to look at it from their point of view. Not the American point of view of "oh greeks are lazy, they have corrupt govt., etc" Guess what, most govts are corrupt. As far as Tsipras, I dont listen to him. I cant stand him. Yes the Greek govt has its problems. But there's no denying the outside influence. Greece has enough problems without it. Are u saying the EU has the best interests of Greece in their heart? Everyone knows, they only have THEIR best interests at heart. Back to the question, assume Greece never joined the EU. Would the EU try to mess with Greece?
  3. FACT: The EU has strangled Greece and effectively conquered them. suffocated them. fucked them. but now, let's say Greece never joined the EU: would the EU somehow have conquered Greece anyway? militarily, economically, or otherwise? If so, for what reason?
  4. evtaksei, sthv Eurwph kai sta guro meroi yparxouv pollous Ellhves, eivai sav va eisai Ellada. Sthv Amerikh dev exei mhvei tipota. Eimaste oloi kolo-Amerikavakia twra. Kai sto Kavada, to idio sxedov. Paei o Ellhvismos.
  5. came across this interesting article. What do you make of this? Legitimate problem, or just much ado about nothing? How did ethnic Greeks end up in Albania anyhow? https://greece.greekreporter.com/2018/10/30/declassified-cia-report-on-albanias-greek-minority-reveals-potential-for-trouble/?fbclid=IwAR1M_4L2sl7ITQPiSackaodVDRp69TLVjItIhh5yRLKu8V84keXZ_xrtMtU A declassified CIA report warns of the potential for instability in the Balkans that may be caused by the mistreatment of the Greek minority in Albania. The report stresses that this instability may be detrimental to U.S. interests. The June 1994 report was drafted during a period of heightened tensions between the two countries following a violent border attack in April of that year. Two Albanian military officers were killed by a little-known Greek ultra-nationalist organization, the Northern Epirus Liberation Front (MAVI). The report highlights the anxiety of the U.S. to support post-communist Albania, which was seen as the closest ally in the Balkans. Although the current crisis following the killing of Konstantinos Katsifas is different, the document sheds light upon American thinking on the Greek-Albanian dispute. in 1994, Greece was stepping up claims of Albanian repression of its ethnic Greek minority, while Tirana expressed fears that Athens had designs on the Greek minority region in southern Albania. Click here for the CIA declassified document. The CIA report states that a crisis over the minority issue that resulted in Greek reprisals “could destabilize Tirana’s pro-US government to the advantage of the former Communists and have regional repercussions.” “Continued tension with Greece would have a negative domestic impact in Albania,” it warns policy-makers in Washington keen to maintain and strengthen the strategic relationship with the former Communist country. It adds that Albania’s ethnic Greek population “could become the focal point of a serious—and destabilizing—crisis between the two countries.” Although the CIA analysts found no evidence that Albania is pursuing a policy of systematic intimidation of its Greek minority or attempting to drive the ethnic Greeks out, they stressed that “some ethnic Greek complaints against Tirana are legitimate.” The report acknowledges that ethnic Greeks may be harassed by Albanian authorities, and focuses on issues relating to education and under-representation in the police and military. Ethnic Greeks were being denied government-funded Greek-language education outside the “minority zones” in the south where the majority of ethnic Greeks reside, according to the report. There was only a “token ethnic Greek presence in the police and military,” and virtually no Greeks are in positions of authority, it added. Ethnic Greeks also complained about the Albanian government’s refusal to return large tracts of land previously owned by the Orthodox Church. Should tensions persist and ethnic Greeks in Albania become targets of forced “ethnic cleansing,” Athens would come under intense public pressure to take more extreme action, including military action,” the report warned. On the other hand, states the report, Tirana’s anxieties over perceived Greek irredentism could tempt Albanian authorities to restrict ethnic Greek political activities, which would probably prompt reprisals by Athens.. The report also warns Greece that in the long term, mutual hostility will undermine its ambitions to assume a political and economic leadership role in the region. “Greek intransigence in the Balkans will further distance the Greeks from their European and US partners.” The CIA report stated that although no reliable statistics were available, ethnic Greeks were Albania’s largest minority and probably comprise some 3 to 5 percent of the population, or about 100,000-150,000 people. As much as half of the community was employed in Greece. The size of Albania’s Greek minority remains a matter of contention between Tirana and Athens. Albanian authorities claim there are approximately 60,000-80,000 ethnic Greeks in Albania, while Athens says there are between 300,000 and 500,000.
  6. nice. Also, Basile is performing in Australia soon. For our Australian members.
  7. palikari

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    yes, I remember now.
  8. good. We want you here on our clock. Thank you for accomodating us.
  9. Because these days people are trying to do more things. People feel like they can do more things. 30 years ago, adults simply went to work and came home. Now, adults are like kids and feel like they have to do more than just go to work. You just need to keep in mind that as an adult, you can't do everything. Need to prioritize.
  10. palikari

    Hello :)

    I remember you. You're that sexy chick from Australia or somethin'. But you changed your pic.
  11. Why is Tsipras worried about whats fair to Germany? Germany is the one shitting all over Greece. http://greece.greekreporter.com/2018/06/28/greece-ready-to-accept-more-asylum-seekers-from-germany-tsipras-says/ Greece Ready to Accept More Asylum Seekers from Germany, Tsipras Says Alexis Tsipras said he was open to a special agreement with Angela Merkel to make it easier for Germany to send asylum seekers back to other European countries, including Greece. Speaking to the Financial Times, the Greek premier said is prepared to sign a deal to curtail the “secondary movement” of refugees that arrive at the EU’s southern border but then journey north to Germany. “We don’t care about the fact that maybe we’ll have some returns from Germany if this will help, in order to give the signal to the smugglers [that Europe is tackling illegal migration flows],” Tsipras was quoted as saying. Tsipras said that any agreement with Germany would not have significant knock-on effects on Greece given that only between 50-100 people asylum seekers a month are crossing the country’s northern border. “For us it is not the problem,” he said. “We have to find a way, in the framework of the international law, to share the burden and to not have this unfair position for the frontline countries but also for Germany,” he said. “Because it’s not fair all these people to go to Germany, if we believe that this is a European problem.” EU leaders will gather in Brussels on Thursday for the second summit meeting in five days where migration policy — and specifically Merkel’s need to extract concessions from other countries — will dominate the agenda.
  12. Perfectly said. Totally incompetent. The one country in the region that you have some power over, and you STILL let them walk all over you.
  13. ill keep it in mind for next time. Just will make sure I go during the daytime.
  14. Plaka is nice, tourist friendly. Walk a little west, and u have the cesspool of Monastiraki. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Anybody else see it the same way?


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