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  1. You're right. Most of the old content must be saved in some form or the other in archive site like the Way Back Machine. We did manage to salvage and move over all the mSQL database tables from our old server to this new one. Issue is that Dino or I have no clue on how to display this info using the new front end design. The old forum posts are also ported over to this new server, however that's an even tougher job to port the over into this forum. Also, since when I created this forum I decided that we don't really need all the sections we had in the old forum this is not a 1 to 1 relationship anymore. So if we were to revive the old posts (if that's at all possible) it would have to be done manually so that the right post would move into the right section of the new site. I'd assume that this would be quite a bit of work as we're talking about thousands of posts.
  2. I don't like populist videos like this one either, but you can't blame the average Greek for blowing through however much money Greece borrowed from the EU. This is the argument made by those who blew through this money (Greek politicians and the Greek elite on the most part). "We blew through this money together" they're saying. Really? So if a Greek grandpa got a raise in his pension or if a Greek farmer got some extra money from EU packages this means that they're as responsible as the politicians and the elite who blew through billions of Euros over the past few years? I don't think so...
  3. I think that the migration of many Greeks to the west after - and around the time of - the fall of Constantinople did influence (and possibly helped) kickstart Renaissance. However, this is a long way from saying that Greeks or Greece and Byzantium at the time in general had anything to do with the Renaissance. Some exceptional individuals, yes. The "Greek world" as a whole, no. The average Greek at the time was as backwards as it gets under the rule of Byzantium and they remained at pretty much the same situation (no better or worse...) when the Ottomans took over. It was the foreigners (the Byrons, the Shelleys and the rest of the philhellenes of the 18th and 19th century) who implanted in the "modern" Greek psyche the notion that they're the continuation and the proud descendants of the glorious Greeks of ancient times. That's when those "new" Greeks of the 18th and 19th century started naming their kids Odysseus, Achilles etc, trying create a glorious ethnic identity for themselves, which was completely at odds with their current situation and lives.
  4. Yes, we lost some wonderful posts from the old forum. In fact those posts are still saved somewhere in our server, so they're not really lost forever. It's just a matter of finding someone who knows how to retrieve them and add them on to this forum.
  5. I haven't retrieved the old content yet (it's still stored on those mSQL tables...). I had to re-write a lot of the content you see on the new pages (with the help of Wikipedia and some other sites of course... ). There's still a lot of content missing. For example the famous Greeks section is not there at all yet. The same with most of the mythology sections. I just had to put something up to give us some time to figure out how we can retrieve some of the existing data and how we can display them using this new design.
  6. On the main website the print is pretty large (very large I'd say for my likes...), but you're right that the font colour seems to be some shade of grey and not quite black. I don't see any light blue print anywhere, except if you mean the links. This seems to be the standard "link colour" blue. I'll see if we can do anything with the font colour. I don't have troubles reading this but if more people complain we'll take a look at this.
  7. If this happens then I hope that this task force is not a military junta.
  8. Are you talking about the forum: http://www.hellenism.net/greek-forum/ or the main website: http://www.hellenism.net
  9. Good points ajax. Eyo, unfortunately, that's more or less what happened. We can't blame the creditors for giving us money and putting us in debt. We went out there asking for money knowing full well that at some point we'd have to pay it back. In typical Greek fashion though each government that borrowed had in the back of their minds the usual Greek mentality of "let the next government figure out how they're going to repay this loan". Worse yet, even after we've reached the point of no return the new Greek government goes around asking for more money yet! It's like we don't get it, or I guess our politicians and most of the morons who vote for them don't get it. My only hope is that the EU (and yes, the bad Germans too) will figure out a way to save us one more time because we're incapable of saving ourselves.
  10. admin

    WTF ?

    system is the developer who's working on setting up the forum
  11. Calm down guys. Mistakes have been done on both sides. Both Greece and the EU are in a situation now where a viable solution needs to be found. Time is running out. Either way, even if Greece exits Euro I don't think this is going to be the end of Greece or the end of the EU. Greece has find herself in tougher situations than this. We'll somehow find a way to make this work.
  12. It's the story of the boy who cried wolf all over again By the way, this is a Greek story (one of Aesop's fables).
  13. Keep us updated eyo. I hope things will go back to normal for you soon.
  14. The original message by eyo was posted on March 31st, so it better not be an early April's fool joke.
  15. What baffles me is how this guy finds time to write articles (and do photo shoots...) in the middle of a crisis, and in the middle of constantly travelling around Europe to persuade the rest of the EU to keep Greece in the Euro. I had high hopes when he took up office, but a few weeks later I'm realizing that I've never seen a showboating individual like this one in the Greek political scene ever before.
  16. What the hell happened? Are you serious??? Please keep us updated. This is scary stuff! Good luck tomorrow!
  17. Γιατι δεν παει κι η Ελληνικη dream team του 2015 να γελασουμε λιγο?
  18. Συγκινητικη ιστορια. Τουλαχιστον καποιοι Γερμανοι καταλαβαινουν τι οφειλουν στην Ελλαδα, εστω και μεσα απο τη σατιρα.


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