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  1. It was not tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands. The sea promenade was packed all the way from the port down to the Megaro Musikis. You get 10's of thousands in that area on a regular saturday evening I would say there were at the very least 300.000 participants. Which makes the event an even bigger embarasment. There are 100's of thousands of our compatriots taking the streets cause they think they have the right to dictate what name a neighboring sovereign nation is allowed to use. Never mind the fact that the region was known as Macedonia and its inhabitants as Macedonians through more than 1000 years of Roman history. Anyhow, the event is a great opportunity for some slimeball to build his political career. I'm talking about general Frangos of course who's playing with the idea of launching a new party. And to think that that idiot was the chief of the Hellenic army! There is no future for that shithole nation of ours. https://youtu.be/TUt-RW09tK4
  2. From Wikipedia: Thebes is the Latinized form of the Greek Thebai, the hellenized form of the Demotic Egyptian Ta-pe. This was the local name not for the city itself but for the Karnak temple complex on the northern east bank of the city. (Ta-opet in formal Egyptian.) As early as Homer's Iliad,[8] the Greeks distinguished the Egyptian Thebes as Thebes of the Hundred Gates (Θῆβαι ἑκατόμπυλοι, Thēbai hekatómpyloi) or Hundred-Gated Thebes, as opposed to the "Thebes of the Seven Gates" (Θῆβαι ἑπτάπυλοι, Thēbai heptapyloi) in Boeotia, Greece. Thebes in Egypt was called so way befor Ptolemy. The name may have refered to the nearby Temple complex yet it is still of Egyptian origin.
  3. The original Thebes was in Egypt. That's an undeniable fact. As for the name Kadmos, it is most likely of Egyptian origin. While other origins are possible the only existing references do point to Egypt. The timeline of the founding of Graecian Thebes does also support this. Greece was a Pelasgian domain until the collapse of the Aegean seafaring civilizations which occured in the aftermath of the Thera erruption around 1550 BCE. Up to that point the Phoenicians where nowhere to be found. They appear on the radar around 1500 BCE. This coincides with the period of the New Kingdom of Egypt which at that time had conquered the Levant up to Cilicia. The Phoenicians were subjects and in the service of the New Kingdom that lasted from 1550 to 1077. And (Egyptian) Thebes was the capital of that kingdom from 1550 until 1279. All this offers a perfect explanation for why Greek Thebes came to be named after Egyptian Thebes. And lets not forget that, according to Greek Mythology, Kadmos was the son of Τηλεφάασσα who in turn was the daughter of Νειλος (aka the river Nile).
  4. Thats the guy who according to Herodotus brought Phoenician letters to Greece.
  5. Never heard of Thebes, also known as Καδμεία after her mythical founder Κάδμος? The name is a Greek rendition of Kamose, last Pharao who ruled from (Egyptian) Thebes and the last member of the Theban 17th dynasty.
  6. well, not that it matters, but it is quite likely that Achilles, as a representative of 12 century BCE Phthiotis, was Black. The name Phthiotis is of African origin, same goes for the name of the city of Thebes. Kadmos the mythical founder of Thebes has an Egyptian name. Chances are "Achilles" had, at least some, Nubian in him. Anyhow, I can't wait to see the reactions once the production registers in the Greek blogosphere.
  7. here is a topic: The BBC and Netflix are gearing up for a brand new epic drama Troy: Fall Of A City, which promises an awe-inspiring take on the classic tale of war and vengeance. http://metro.co.uk/2017/12/21/first-look-at-troy-fall-of-a-city-its-fit-for-a-king-7174850/ From the Cast: Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Zeus David Gyasi as Achilles I don't have any problem with that, I've never seen a picture of Zeus or Achilles for all I know there is good chance they were black. What I want to know is this: Are the Greeks, people who go ballistic over Slavic Makedonians, are they ready for a black Zeus and a black Achilles? Your thoughts?
  8. Understandable. I didn't have a great year myself. Anyhow, a new year dawned and I hope it turns out great! For all of us.
  9. No. I'm not joking. A topic all agree on is not worth debating. A forum needs controversy.
  10. don't forget Gender Identity, Race, Economics those are also hot topics.
  11. That wont do at all. We must start some controversial debates to get the passions high and the sparks flying again.
  12. Where is everybody? Hope you all enjoy a wonderful 2018.
  13. Run across that song and thought its worth sharing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU-mHbLPaOk&list=RDuU-mHbLPaOk
  14. I'm in the hill country and about 250 miles from the coast so, heavy rain aside, no issues here. Some friends of mine in Houston got flooded. They are all well though.
  15. No issues here. Stocked up on amo.... so if the hurricane shows up I'll just shoot it


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