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Why on earth would a working-class person ever vote for a conservative candidate?

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Posted 24 November 2016 - 06:42 PM

This has been a question that haunts me for years since I was very very young.


"Why on earth would a working-class person ever vote for a conservative candidate?" At a first glance it seems counter-intuitive for working-class people to vote against their economic interests. 


I grew up in a working-class neighborhood to a working-class family. My family was not very "political" and there were not many political discussions when I was growing up. Things would usually just flare up during the election season and then go back to normal after the election season was over.


Growing up working-class, and with very little, it was a bit surprising to me seeing my parents supporting 2 different and opposing ideologies. My dad was always supporting the right wing party. He was (and still is) a life-long conservative. My mom was always at the opposite side of the spectrum, left-wing and socialist.


As a young kid it used to strike me as very odd that my dad would support the conservatives as this was clearly against his economic interests. It took me a while to understand that he didn't vote for them because he believed and supported their "programs". If anything, he most likely had no clue about what their programs were and what was their financial and social agenda. He was (and still is...) voting for them because of the "values" they represent.


In Greece the "values" of the right-wing parties revolve around "country, religion and family". This seems to be a "universal" message for the conservatives around the globe. It's not much different in the US, or even Canada.


On the other hand, the left/socialist parties do not have a "universal" clear message and set of values, easily understood by the working-class masses. They do propose great programs from time ti time to protect the elderly, the youth and the people in need, they try to expand universal health care etc. However, this doesn't seem to resonate with most people and thus the left never creates a lasting connection with most of its voters.


I was thinking about all this again lately when I've been trying to understand how on earth Trump managed to dupe so many million people to vote for him. This shouldn't be a surprise though. It happens throughout the world. Right wing parties put "values" before "programs" and they "hide" their real agendas behind those universal "traditional values".


This is why Trump's message is so successful amongst working-class US citizens. It's pretty dumb yet pretty clear: He basically said: "I'll protect you from gay, Spanish-speaking flag burners - but along the way I'll cut taxes on the rich, cut benefits for the poor, and allow industries to pollute your drinking water and the environment, but never mind that!"


This message seems to resonate with a huge number of the working-class people in the US. The "values" represented in this message are easy to grasp. "Never mind the taxes and the environment bullshit talk. We don't understand this. But those gay Spanish-speaking assholes are ruining our country".


Pretty strong message!


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Posted 24 November 2016 - 06:46 PM

If you want to know why the working class must vote against the "Progressives" look no further than Greece.
What did SYRIZA do for working class people? Did they bring Jobs? Better education? Security? All they have to offer is chaos, anarchy, poverty and taxes.

Is no different in the US. Lying democrats going on about Trump being anti Immigration while their man Obama deported 2.500.000 illegal immigrants. More than any other president in the history of the US. Going on about "Humanitarian Values" while their man Obama expanded immigrant detention centers to a level not seen since the Gulags. Talking about fair wages but the last minimum wage increase in the US was signed into law by G.W Bush. Not by the democrat Obama.

You think people are too stupid to notice those things? Trump didn't "dupe" people. He won because Hillary failed to dupe them.

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Posted 24 November 2016 - 09:23 PM

nope ... because they all hoped hillary would do a monica on each and every one of them in her campaign period, and when that didnt happen, they all got upset, and decided to back they guy who will eventually screw them


its all about sex, plain and simple ... fuck or be fucked ...win-win situation .... to most


there is a reason why america is the porn capital in the world

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