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Most people who visit Greece know a lot about ancient Greece but very little about modern Greece. So natuarally, when they visit Greece for the first time they don't really know what to expect.

So, what's the modern Greek culture like? Do Greeks still worship Zeus and the gods of Olympus? Do they only eat souvlaki and moussaka?What do modern Greeks look like? What do they dress like? What are some modern Greek traditions?

These are only some of the questions that probably cross some people's minds when they're planning a trip to Greece.

In this section of we'll explore and try to answer to some of these questions.

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Health Care

Health facilities and services in Greece were modernized after the Second World War. The World Health Organization has worked with the government to reduce the number of deaths from infectious diseases. The government maintains social security progr...

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Revisiting the Immigrant Family: The Impact of Transnational Migration on Family and Marriage in the Greek Diaspora

By ANASTASIA N. PANAGAKOSPresented at the 99th Annual American Anthropological Association MeetingSan Francisco, CA - November 19, 2000The height of Greek immigration to Canada occurred in the 1960s when, on average, more than 10,000 Greeks entered C...

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